Stephen Wheeler: Artist, Professional and storyteller.


What I love about art is the opportunity to break complacency. Every day I learn something new and challenge the expectations of the day before. To me, success as an artist is doing the best work you can and making every day count. Art requires combining inspiration with a willingness to work extremely hard for sustained periods.  Every project I take on is an attempt build on previous projects.  I have always been able to exceed client expectations because I do not see my work as an isolated job. I see it as part of a developmental process to become everything I can be as an artist, a person, and a professional.


I work constantly to surpass the expectations of my clients. I communicate clearly about time constraints, specifications, and project needs. I understand how important it is to have confident trust in a professional who can help you reach your goals. Communication is central to my collaborative approach. As a creator I am passionate about telling the story right. As a professional I am passionate about telling the right story for my client. When I join your team, you have more than a skilled artist, you have a valuable collaborator.

My Story

I have been creating art and stories since childhood, including about a dozen illustrated books. I come from a long line of professional artists and have worked for thousands of hours to acquire the techniques and intangibles of making images and telling stories. One of seven siblings, I grew up with a scrum of rambunctious brothers and sisters in a family that loved and encouraged art and storytelling.

Art is both a livelihood and a privilege for me. I love what I do and the opportunity to share it with others.  I earned a BFA from Northern Kentucky University in 2017 and have worked as a commissioned painter and illustrator since 2015. I have had the chance to bring the ideas of many clients to life and exhibit work in many Kentucky and Cincinnati area shows. In addition to making art, I love to write, tell stories, learn, swing dance, and spend time with my lovely and talented wife. I currently live and work in Dover DE and look forward to a bright future.

Please follow me on Instagram to see my latest work, and reach out to me if there is any way that I can help you create an amazing project. Or just to say Hi!